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Helping you during COVID-19

This is a difficult time as events and fundraisers are canceled.

TicketPrinting.com, Eventgroove, and Eventgroove Fundraising are here to help. Here's how.

What we're doing to help

Canceled events

We're working with customers on a case-by-case basis on your needs for canceled events. We want to help however we can, but each case is different, so give us a call and we can work together.

10% off everything

Use code HELPEACHOTHER for 10% off your order.  We can all use a little help right now, so we hope this discount will enable you to still order whatever print collateral you may need.

Discount on re-prints

If you need to re-print anything, we're offering 40% off our printing fee. However, we are unable to offer discounts on shipping.

Free social media templates

Update your followers on event changes on Facebook, Instagram & more with our social media templates. Post directly from your TicketPrinting.com account.

Browse social media templates→

COVID-19 support & info templates

We've created new template designs for banners, posters, flyers, stickers & more to make it easy to clearly communicate social distancing guidelines at your events.

Browse COVID-19 templates→

Face coverings

Face masks and customizable neck gaiters are now available among our new merchandise offerings.

Browse face masks & gaiters→

Go virtual for events & fundraising
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Online fundraising

Eventgroove Fundraising is our online fundraising platform. Many of our customers hold events to raise money for a cause, so online fundraising can be a great alternative.

Find out more

Virtual events

Eventgroove is our online events platform. You can create an online event page in minutes. With our new virtual events feature, you can allow guests to register for a live online event using your own streaming service (such as Zoom, Facebook Live, etc.).

Note: only available for tickets with free ($0) tickets.

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What happens if my event is re-scheduled?

If you find you need to make a change after we have printed but have not shipped your order, we will refund all of your shipping charges and give you a 40% discount on your re-order. Just contact customer support and we'll make sure you're covered! 
TIP: Consider ordering your tickets without a date on them. You can include a link to your event page and tell ticket buyers they can find date/time details there, or you could write the date, or place a sticker on each one later. 

Will my order arrive on time?

Right now, all orders are being processed at our facility with normal processing times. UPS has indicated that they are no longer guaranteeing predicted delivery dates, due to local restrictions. So your package may be delayed. 
If you place your online template order before 3 p.m. CST, it will ship out from our facility the next business day: twenty-four hour turnaround! Place your order Monday before 3 p.m. CST, and it will ship out Tuesday. Remember, weekends don't count, so if you place your order on Saturday, it will ship out on Tuesday. For quantities over 5000 and stapled ticket orders, the processing time will be longer. Click here for more details about Quick Ticket Processing Time. 
Once your tickets leave the facility, it's all up to the shipping provider. You can choose the option that best fits your schedule and budget. You'll find a listing of UPS shipping methods on our Quick Ticket Processing Time page. You can also check out the shipping time map for UPS Ground. 

Are all products still available?

Yes! We print almost everything on-demand as you order. The only product that is unavailable right now is printed lanyards (blank lanyards are still available).

Who do I speak to if I have specific questions about my order?

Feel free to email our customer support team anytime at support@ticketprinting.com, or live chat or call (888)771-0809 Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm CST. 

Thank you for your continued support! We will all get through this together.